Awning, rectangular NET

Manufactured and assembled according to your specification
Material: Tentmesh, air- and water permeable

  • Corners equipped with tiny clamping plate, PVC-reinforced,
  • circumferential hemstitch and trim line,
  • side lines are pre-tensioned and concave by approx. 6%
  • Due to its light construction, the awning is not designed to withstand high wind speeds
  • The awning should be tensioned with a suitable device (e.g. tensioning set or turnbuckle)
  • Delivery time: approx. 2 – 3 weeks


Please remember to dismantle the awning in case of storm or strong wind.
If not dismantled there is a danger that the awning is damaged in one way or another. If handled improperly the guarantee will become void.

The awning is not suitable for the winter season as it cannot carry any snow loads!

The following colors are not available for the time being due to a delay in delivery:
077 Orange, 648 Silver-grey, 759 Beige




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