Roller Shutter PREMIUM

You can buy the Sitrag PVC roller shutter in various sizes and for any application.  Due to our adaptable standard components, PVC roller shutters  are customised at reasonable prices.

  • With or without motor
  • Below with hemstitch and aluminum tube *are included in the price*
  • Galvanised, durable steel elements
  • Robust and durable mechanics
  • PVC-plastic material in many colours or strengths
  • Also nets or in combination with transparent PVC
  • Including a roller bed from a width of 500 cm and more
  • Please enter the desired tarpaulin width and tarpaulin height 

side with eyelets:
maximum width: 600cm
maximum height: 600cm

laterally guided:
maximum width: 400cm
maximum height: 350cm
always reinforced by a strap

transparent windows:
maximum height: 120cm
Maximum width: 200cm (*larger sizes only possible with PVC bows*)

Delivery time approx. 14 - 21 working days


The material colours may differ from those colours shown on the screen. If you wish to check the colour prior to your purchase, ORDER A FREE SAMPLE.



The switches for the motor drive are not included in the delivery extent. Please remember that the electronic connections and the cabling / switch are not included in the offer. All electric work must be carried out by a regional specialised electrician.




Zipped door



PVC Roller Shutter – a flexible locking option

A roller shutter is an easy way to lock openings of rooms, such as garages or halls. Compared to garage doors, roller shutters do not require any space towards the outside when they are opened.  This means that these models are above all suitable for walk-through or drive-through openings. The PVC roller shutters can be operated manually or electrically and are therefore suitable for any purpose. Protected by a PVC tarpaulin, these low-weight shutters are easy to clean.

PVC Roller Shutters – Applications of use

In particular in industry, manifold of openings are used to receive loads or prepare products for export.  To this end lorries are constantly moving from one place to the next to load or unload goods. But a passage, for example into a cold store or other industrial sections, requires an opening that must also be locked. A PVC roller shutter is therefore a particularly flexible solution. As the name indicates, these roller shutters can simply be rolled up and take up hardly any space. In addition, we offer different types of drives, whether you want to use a crank or prefer an electric motor – there is a solution for all budgets.  There is a large variety of dimensions to choose from. You can order customised products from us and you decide about the height and width of the roller shutter. It is also possible to add an extra window at almost any place in the shutter. Apart from industry, these roller shutters are also suitable for private use, for example, instead of a standard garage door.

All advantages at a glance

  • flexible
  • space-saving
  • solid
  • long-lasting
  • easy to clean
  • operated manually or electrically
  • opaque
  • temperature-resistant

What is the lifespan of a PVC roller shutter?

Roller shutters bought from us stand out for high quality and are altogether very robust and therefore also durable. However, roller shutters of any type must be handled appropriately and serviced regularly. In general, you can operate these roller shutters for several years before any defects occur. These are mainly due to wear or a broken spring, damaged rollers, rust and possible tears in the PVC tarpaulin. If looked after correctly, these shutters have a lifespan of between 10 to 15 years. It is important to use a special PVC-cleaner when cleaning the shutter so that plasticisers in the material are not damaged. We also recommend that you commission us with installing the roller shutter, if you are not quite sure how to do it yourself.  Professionally mounted roller shutters also contribute to a longer lifespan right from the start.

How is my PVC roller shutter despatched?

Roller shutters of any type fall under bulky goods as their dimensions and weight usually exceed the maximum dimensions of standard packages. Upon ordering you will leave a telephone number by which the forwarding agent can contact you to arrange a date of delivery with you. Also remember that you can commission us to install the roller shutter for you. In this case despatch or delivery is carried out by our drivers.

Can I get advice on my desired PVC roller shutter?

We do, of course, support you when selecting a roller shutter. Irrespective of whether the product is designed for industrial or private use, our customer advisors help you to make the right choice. You can select from a large range of colours, modes of operation and dimensions.  Even if your budget is small, we can show you where you can save money and receive a product at the best possible price. In addition, we support you with the assembly, if you want us to. In this way we are at your side from the time you place the order via delivery and use.

PVC Roller Shutter – FAQ

The following paragraphs list up some of the questions and answers turning around the selection, use and further tips for the PVC Roller Shutters.

How do I operate a PVC Roller Shutter?

Upon ordering a roller shutter from us you can choose, whether you want to operate it by means of a crank or electric motor. There are advantages and disadvantages for both modes. An electrically driven shutter is of course much easier handled.  You press a button and the shutter opens and closes again accordingly. This can also be done by remote control and by radio transmission enabling an automatic opening and closing.

This is particularly advantageous for lorries passing through, if many products have to be loaded and unloaded. Manually operated roller shutters benefit from slightly lower prices. They also operate with less noise. In addition, you can operate these roller shutters even in case of a power cut, also requiring less technology.  In addition, this also means that these shutters are less prone to damage. It depends primarily on the purpose of use, which type of operation you finally select. We can give you advice beforehand so that you select the correct mode in the end.

What colours are available for PVC roller shutters?

We offer you a range of colours for the roller shutters: white, beige, yellow, orange, red, blue, light blue, green, light green, brown, grey, and black. The selection of colour is a personal choice and has no influence on quality or function. Darker colours block off more light, while lighter colours are translucent.  In such a case you can also order a roller shutter in any colour with an additional window.

What can I use a PVC roller shutter for?

Most roller shutters are used in industry but you can also use them at home, for example instead of a standard garage door. It is also possible to use them in the agricultural sector or a butcher’s shop. In principle, these shutters are used in passages to control temperatures, light or prevent soiling. Should you therefore have such a passage, you can install a roller shutter made to size.

What do I have to observe when cleaning a PVC roller shutter?

Generally speaking, a roller shutter does not necessarily have to be cleaned, if it is not heavily soiled. Excessive dirt, however, can not only attack the PVC-tarpaulin but may also penetrate the electronics. If used in industry, it is advisable to clean the inside and outside of roller shutters at regular intervals.  It may be sufficient to remove the dust or hose down the tarpaulin with water. Stubborn dirt can be removed from the tarpaulin with a special PVC-cleaner.  However, we do recommend to commission a professional cleaning company for cleaning and servicing.