The versatile solution for indoors and outdoors

There are many reasons for having a PVC curtain: They separate rooms, protect from wet conditions and dirt or provide privacy.  As it is easily handled and combined with in numerous design variations, it offers  a versatile use. Made of PVC, these curtains are robust, water-repellent, easily and flexibly produced.

The benefits of a PVC curtain

  • foldable
  • temperature-resistant
  • washable
  • UV-resistant
  • waterproof
  • hard-wearing
  • tear-proof
  • weather-resistant
  • opaque
Delivery time approx. 14 - 21 working days


The material colours may differ from those colours shown on the screen. If you wish to check the colour prior to your purchase, ORDER A FREE SAMPLE.






Where are PVC curtains used?

The curtains are particularly flexible and can therefore be used anywhere. There are also models with integrated windows to see through.  Therefore, PVC curtains are for example used as weather protection, to protect sections from rain, snow, wind or intense sunlight radiation. But they can also be used to simply separate off rooms. A further application could be to replace standard tarpaulins on vehicles on in agriculture.

What is the lifespan of a PVC curtain?

Tarpaulins  made of PVC, is a particularly robust, resilient and thus a long-lasting material.  But it is nevertheless important to care for these curtains so that they last a long time. The advantage of a PVC curtain is that it can simply be washed down with water due to its material. It is important that dirt is regularly removed from the curtain so that there is no chance of it attacking the curtain material. However, you should not use any aggressive cleaning agents as these can affect the plasticisers in the PVC. Depending on their use, PVC curtains can last several years before they have to be replaced. If used in workshops it may be beneficial to replace a curtain after half a year of use.

How is my PVC curtain despatched?

Please remember that a PVC curtain is preferably despatched as a roll to avoid creases.  It also depends on the maximum dimensions and weight. It may fall under bulky goods and would need to be sent by a forwarding agent.

In this case you are required to leave your contact details upon ordering so that the forwarding agent can agree on a delivery date with you.

Can I get advice on my desired PVC curtain?

We do, of course, support you when you select your product.  As there are many design options regarding size, colour or even the type of PVC curtain available, you can choose from many different models.  If you contact us, a customer advisor will advise you comprehensively about which type of curtain would be the ideal one for your special purposes. To this end, you can choose a curtain that is completely opaque or a model with a window. You can also decide whether you want your curtain to be wall- or ceiling hung. But you are also free to choose the dimensions of the curtain.  Apart from standard sizes, you can also have a PVC curtain made to your requirements regarding length and width.

PVC Curtain – FAQ

The following paragraphs list up some of the questions and answers turning around the selection, use and giving further tips of the PVC curtains.

What does a PVC curtain weigh?

Here, we can’t give you a general answer as the weight depends on the size of the curtain. Where the usual dimensions are concerned, you can expect an average weight of about 5 to 10 kg. This comparably low weight is owed to the light material.

What colours are available for PVC curtains?

You can have a PVC curtain in white, beige, yellow orange, red, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, brown, grey and black. The colour has no effect on quality or stability of the material. Some do, however, provide improved privacy.

How do I clean PVC curtains?

Due to the material, the curtains can be washed down with water. But in doing this you should not use any additional cleaning agents as these may attack the material. If there is stubborn dirt on the curtain, we recommend to use a mild shampoo or a special cleaning agent for PVC. Sometimes it may be sufficient to use a brush to free the surface from stubborn dirt.

How are PVC curtains mounted?

Upon your purchase of a curtain you can decide whether you want a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted curtain. In addition, you can choose screw caps. Regarding the mounting, it is important to know whether the curtain is to be shifted or to be fixed in a certain place. But you have the option to mount the curtain exactly according to your wishes. But whatever you do, make sure that it is safe and secure.

What do I have to look out for when I purchase a PVC curtain?

The most important factor is that you purchase the correct curtain for your purpose of use. But you do not have to compromise as there is a large variety to choose from.  Even if you only have a small budget, we still have the correct curtain for you. Start by deciding whether you need a PVC curtain to protect from damp conditions and dirt or possibly to provide privacy. The choice of colour could also be decisive. We offer the option to purchase a curtain with a window.

This would for example be preferable, if you use the curtain for your terrace but still want to look towards the outside. Furthermore, the dimensions are also decisive. With us you do not have to decide upon a standard curtain size but you can choose a curtain of any length and width. We always recommend to select a larger curtain so that you do not end up with a curtain that is too small. The type of mounting is decisive, too. You may not always be able to mount the curtain to a wall or ceiling. Integrated lugs allow you to improvise if necessary, which is a huge advantage of this type of curtain.