Customised strip curtains

Our strip curtains can be used in manifold applications. Thanks to our configurator you can plan and easily mount the strips individually, according to your requirements. The strip curtain protects optimally from cold temperatures, dust, humidity, noise etc. and is used as follows:

  • Indoors to separate off individual rooms
  • In warehouses and production halls, e.g. in entrance- or exit areas
  • In refrigeration- and deep-freeze plants
  • In food production

The PVC-curtain is also ideally suitable as wind protection. By overlapping individual strips, the curtain can be used in manifold applications. You can adapt the curtain to your requirements with our mounting rails (100cm, 125cm, 150cm in length).
* The mounting plates for the strips are included in the price *

**INFO – if the fastening is mounted within the opening the strip is automatically minus 5cm in length**
Example: Clearance = 200cm // Strip length = 195cm

ATTENTION: The strips 200/2mm are currently not available!


Delivery time approx. 7 - 10 working days